Discover a new standard in sea kayaks

Dive into the world of adventure with our brand new sea kayak Stø in Carbon Elite Race edition. With performance features that cater to both beginners and professionals, this kayak is designed for those who crave endless water adventures. 

Performance design for everyone

With its innovative design and full-carbon construction, the Stø sea kayak offers optimal stability and maneuverability on the waves. With a length of 5 meters and a width of 56 cm, it provides the perfect balance between speed and maneuverability.

Comfort and safety

With a capacity of 100 kg and an internal cockpit measuring 80/42 cm, the Stø ensures plenty of space and comfort for long expeditions. Additionally, easily adjustable pedals with a pulley system and padded thigh braces will allow you to paddle comfortably and safely all day long.

Explore the world with confidence

With the option of an optional rudder and precise steering according to your preferences, you can fully focus on discovering new locations and unexpected adventures. And with a day hatch and storage compartment in front of the cockpit, you'll have all your necessities within reach.

First-hand experience

Come and try out the kayak under expert guidance and discover how Stø can meet your highest expectations.

Shipping cost based on your residence

We offer flexible delivery options directly to your home, so your new water companion can arrive where you need it.

Order your Carbon Elite Race Stø today and embark on an unforgettable sea adventure!

Cena: 94 000 CZK


  • Length: 5 meters

  • Width: 56 centimeters

  • Capacity:  Max 100 kg

  • Cockpit: Inner 80/42 centimeters, outer 90/49 centimeters

  • Cockpit Cover: Circular (17 centimeters)

  • Front Hatch: Circular (ø 27 centimeters)

  • Rear Hatch: Oval (46×34 centimeters)

  • Day Hatch: 22 centimeters


  • Rudder (optional)

  • Easily adjustable pedals with a pulley system

  • Thigh braces padding

  • Day hatch

  • Storage compartment in front of the cockpit