About us

We are a team of enthusiastic and experienced sea adventurers united by one goal - to share our love for the sea and kayaking with the world. Our company specializes in creating high-quality and unique sea kayaks that will not only bring you joy in paddling but also unforgettable adventures on the ocean waves. Join us and discover the beauty of the marine world with niklkayak.com!

Ondřej Nikl

I have been kayaking for almost 40 years and I still love it. By 2023, I had completed more than 150 expeditions around the world, which means I have spent over 4 years at sea altogether. Kayaking is one of the most beautiful sports for me. Exercising in stunning landscapes with camping is an absolute freedom and cleansing for both body and soul. I enjoy sharing my experiences with others, and I am happy when clients become friends.