Kayak for limitless sea adventures. craving unforgettable experiences on the waves!


Accelerate Your Sea Adventure! Introducing the Phoenix, a kayak full of action and speed on the ocean waves. Designed for paddlers weighing between 70 kg and 140 kg, this sporty kayak brings not only performance but also the courage for adventures that will elevate you above all others.


Kayak for extreme performance and unforgettable experiences at sea! This lightweight and sturdy kayak offers maximum performance for paddlers weighing between 80 kg and 160 kg. Get ready for an adventure full of speed and adrenaline at sea with the Vulcano Revolution!


The novelty of 2024, weighing only 15.5 kg!

Combining elegance and performance on the water. Designed for paddlers weighing between 60 kg and 100 kg, Stø not only offers stability and excellent maneuverability but also inspires exploration of the sea's mysteries with graceful ease.