We will custom-make the Kajak Revolution to fit your body precisely, accommodating weights ranging from 70 to 140 kg.

Immerse yourself in speed and elegance

The Fenix sea kayak is the new star of our lineup from 2023, bringing with it the revolutionary Carbon Elite Race technology. This kayak is designed for those who crave maximum performance and uncompromising sea adventures. 

A technological marvel in every way

Thanks to the Carbon Elite Race technology, the Fenix kayak is incredibly lightweight yet extremely strong. Designed with expedition paddling in mind, it withstands rough handling and offers you endless freedom on the waves. Its special design with a tapered bow deck in front of the paddler allows for the ideal paddle angle for an extremely powerful stroke.

For all those craving performance

The Fenix sea kayak is specifically designed for paddlers weighing between 70 kg and 140 kg and with an ideal height between 170 cm and 195 cm. With its sporty character and ambitions, it provides excellent stability even for novice paddlers, while experienced riders will enjoy maximum performance and speed on the water

Racers, get ready for a new challenge

If you're a racer seeking a kayak to take you to the next level, the Fenix kayak is for you. Its speed and performance are perfect for demanding competitions and will give you an edge at the starting line

Get ready for a real sea adventure with the Fenix kayak

Order yours today and experience an adrenaline-fueled ride on the water like no other! 

Price: 95 000 CZK


  • Length: 5.49 m

  • Width: 54 cm

  • Capacity: Max 140 kg (We will custom-make the Kajak Revolution to fit your body precisely)

  • Cockpit: Inner 88/43 cm, Outer 93/48 cm

  • Weight: 15.5kg

  • Front hatch: Round (ø 27 cm)

  • Rear hatch: Oval (48×32 cm)

  • Rudder/skeg: Rudder

  • Usage: Expedition/Sport